Management and Care

Management and Care of Clients

Our approach to managing arrears and defaults is to engage in dialogue with borrowers so that we can fully understand their circumstances and find a suitable solution to their problems. We encourage any borrowers who may be encountering financial difficulties to speak to us as soon as possible, because the sooner they do so the greater the chance we have of being able to come to a satisfactory resolution.

If, however, borrowers have stopped making mortgage repayments we will continue using all reasonable means available to keep borrowers in their homes or to find a mutually acceptable alternative before taking any final legal action, which is only ever done as a last resort.

It has never been part of our business model, or in our interests, to hasten the repossession of a borrower's property. We would ideally like all borrowers to remain up to date with their mortgage payments and those who are experiencing financial difficulties are provided help and support.