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Here's how to get in touch

For all general enquiries, and if you are currently experiencing payment difficulties, we are here to help.

Our Customer Support Teams are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm. (please note that our offices are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays)

Ok, let's get you to the right advisor for support

  • If you are an Oak Customer, please call 1800 852 940 or, if calling from abroad, +353 1 267 8033
  • If you are a Warrington Customer, please call 1800 816 121 or, if calling from abroad, +353 1 526 8580

For help in understanding whether you are an Oak or Warrington customer, please take a look at the home page, or refer to any recent correspondence we have sent out to you in the post.

All written correspondence should be sent to:

Oak Customers:

Mars CapitalĀ 
PO Box 13351
Dublin 2

Warrington Customers:

Mars CapitalĀ 
PO Box 12456
Dublin 2

Alternatively, please complete the following information: