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Q. 1. Why has my residential mortgage moved to Mars Capital ?

A. Your mortgage(s) and/or guarantee has been sold to Mars Capital by your previous lender.

Q. 2. Have my mortgage terms and conditions changed as a result of my loan being acquired by Mars Capital ?

A. No. The transfer of your mortgage(s) and/or guarantee to Mars Capital has not changed the terms of your loan agreement. We, as the new beneficial owner of your mortgage(s) and/or guarantee, are continuing to honour the original legal terms of your existing loan agreement.

Q. 3. Should I continue to make my repayments as normal?

A. Yes. We will have written to you to explain how you should continue to make your monthly mortgage payments. If you are in any doubt, please contact us immediately contact us and we will clarify what you should do.

Q. 4. Are your arrears and repossessions procedures the same as other banks and building societies?

A. Mars Capital adheres to the Central Bankís Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears. Itís not part of our business model or in our interests to apply unnecessary pressure to any of our customers or to hasten the repossession of their property. We would like all borrowers to remain up to date with their mortgage payments and those who are experiencing financial difficulties will be provided with appropriate help and support.

Q. 5. Will you have all my detail or will I have to provide this information to you?

A. As part of the loan sale process, your previous Lender provided us with all the necessary information in relation to your mortgage(s) and or guarantee. These details will be used by us for the continued management and administration of your mortgage and or guarantee.

Q. 6. Is my mortgage continuing to be administered in Ireland?

A. Yes. Your mortgage is being administered in Ireland by a specialist company, which is working under the supervision of Mars Capital . On occasions, specific issues may be referred to Mars Capital in England for resolution.

Q. 7. If I am experiencing difficulties repaying my mortgage, what should I do?

A. Please contact us immediately and explain changes in your circumstances to us. We will tell you what we can do to help.

Q. 8. Can I redeem my mortgage and/or transfer it to another lender?

A. Yes. Please contact us and we'll arrange to send you a redemption statement.