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Mars Capital Finance Ireland DAC ("MCFID") services loans on behalf of loan owners from our offices in Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4. Acenden Limited ("Acenden") services these loans from their offices in East Point Business Park, Dublin 3. Both firms stand authorised as credit servicing firms under the Central Bank Act, 1997 (as amended). MCFID is the special servicer and Acenden is the primary servicer of these portfolios.

MCFID's business model is always to seek to understand the circumstances of our borrowers and help them, using all reasonable means available, return to long term financial stability.

 What does this mean for me?

Acenden handles the day to day administration on all accounts. Acenden services your account if it is either fully up to date or if you have missed one payment (i.e. you have recently entered arrears but have not gone over 35 days past your contractual payment date).  

MCFID services your account if it is in arrears greater than 35 days past your contractual payment date. An individual MCFID case manager will be assigned to your account to speak to you about your arrears and to work with you to agree an appropriate and sustainable solution to your arrears. MCFID also services those accounts which have exited MARP, been deemed unsustainable, or have entered the legal process. 

Servicing of your account may move between Acenden and MCFID as you enter or exit the arrears process.

Who owns my loan?

Mars Capital Ireland DAC, Mars Capital Ireland No.2 DAC, Mars Capital Ireland No.3 DAC, and Mars Capital Ireland No.4 DAC (the “MCIs”) are the owners of portfolios of residential owner-occupied and buy-to-let mortgages, which they purchased from other lenders.